Sunday, August 14, 2016

Two weeks in the south...  Busy weeks, getting ready for the wedding, gardening, walking with kids and dog (took Mulder, he needed a holiday too), then Roy, Robyn, Luci, Mum, Dad, Paul and Karen came to the wedding so lots of visiting.  The wedding was well-planned before I got there, Kirsten is very thorough, but running around to do as she worked right up to a few days before the big day.

All the groomsmen boys came down from Cambridge Bay to be in the wedding, so we all hung out at the Edmonton house and it was just like old times, boys playing video games, rummaging through the fridge, laughing in the background.  Like taking a holiday in the past.  I think we may have alarmed the nice people at the Devonian Gardens when we went to rehearse, though.  The wedding patio features a bridge that the bride walks across.  Kirsten (in her ripped jeans, her hair loose, looking fifteen) wandered across the bridge, dutifully rehearsing.  The Devonian lady said, "Have you decided on a song for her walk down the aisle?"  As she reached the far side of the patio, the boys on Jorden's other side started singing the Star Wars tune.  She laughed, kept walking.  About half way down the aisle, accompanied by her baritone a Capella choir, she said, "That sounds really good, I might have to go with it".  Jorden found an instrumental version of a piece of Star Wars music, nice strings, and afterwards Roy said he was listening and all of a sudden he thought, hey, wait a minute, that's Star Wars.  Which was exactly what the kids wanted so...

It's hard to believe she's old enough to be married, to change her name and be Jorden's wife, but she was beautiful and composed all day and I enjoyed the whole thing.

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