Thursday, October 06, 2016

Went off to Gjoa Haven to work for a while.  Apparently Kugaaruk is now jealous so I will probably have to go there, too.  I like going to Kugaaruk, they have a cute little apartment at the detachment and I take my school work and hole up for a week.  Really wish I could go have Thanksgiving with the kids.  Miguel will be there, but I'm up here.

However.  I did acquire a turkey today.  There was one in the freezer downstairs but since Patti has been inviting random people it was looking a bit small at 10 pounds.  Co-op actually had some, so I bought one when I went to the post office this afternoon, and then took it back to work.  Sat it on my desk, since it needs to thaw anyway.  Nathalie who's currently doing our cleaning came in and dusted it.  Eric came in and hugged it.  Jean-Guy (new boss) said, "Do you know there's a turkey on your desk?"  At 3:30 I told him my turkey was bored and wanted to go home, so I should take it, but he just laughed at me.

So the plan is that Gord cooks ham, I cook turkey and Patti invites people.  Good division of labour.

Cool thing today - 18 days since I had a cigarette.  Honestly, I seem to be really good at quitting but also really good at starting again.  Not sure what that's about.

Ian is in Spain, doing the Camino.  I'm following along, remembering all my fun.  He's currently somewhere past Carrion de los Condes, I'm thinking headed for Astorga.  Then up into the hills.  

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