Thursday, January 12, 2017

Working on ethics resubmission.  Procrastinating.

Things I did today:

Got up at six.  Slept on the couch for half an hour.  I was dreaming I had triplets.
Had a meeting with my PhD supervisor at 7:30 AM.  (2:30 in England, one of the drawbacks of distance education).
Forgot to put the chicken in the crockpot for dinner.

Went to work.  Signed numerous documents for folks.  This notary gig is almost a full time job now.
Court files.  Court is done.
Didn't get to the fingerprints again.
Printed out materials for the course I'm teaching next week in Taloyoak.  This is an exceedingly painstaking process.  Trying to get files off the internet up here is like sucking elephants through juice box straws.
Texted Rachel.  We discussed Ian's theory that Donald Trump is actually Bill the Cat.

We got a new photocopier at work today.  It's been sitting around in three boxes since Tuesday, when the police plane dropped it off.  The stupid one we had was running all the sheets through crooked so they came out like badly ironed shirts.

So the three boxes moved into the other side of the office, today, where the guys sit, with promises that they would put it together.  I have a nice little glass box to sit in, remnants I think of an old radio room but it means I can play my music endlessly without disturbing them.  Although they do sometimes come through to put things in the filing cabinet and say "are you listening to...  Eminem?  Justin Timberlake?  NWA?"  Yes to all the above.  At 3 o'clock I decided that if I didn't do something about it, the boxes would still be sitting there on Saturday when the boss comes back from his holiday.  So I got out my penknife and started opening the boxes.  Pulled out some bits and put them together.  In the end though the largest part was too heavy.  At that point the guys came back and ripped the box apart and heaved the machine onto the base I had constructed.  Then we spent about twenty minutes trying, all of us, to figure out how to get it to take legal size paper.  I mean, it has to.  You can't print legal forms on 8andahalfby11 paper.

Eventually Brandon figured it out.  He said, what if we pull the drawer out from the front.  And we had to tell him he was right.  Which he insists we need to tell his girlfriend, that he was right once.  Although it's the ugliest thing, with the legal drawer sticking out, it works.

Came home and found Miguel was making something else with the chicken.  Yay!
Watched more Vikings.  I like it that they haven't killed off Bjorn yet.
Continued the Marxism / Wages for Facebook discussion from yesterday.
Worked on the ethics.  Sigh.  I suspect they're preparing to squash part of my research.  I plan to fight.
When I could no longer think, watched the season finale of Hunting Hitler.  A guilty pleasure.

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