Wednesday, February 01, 2017

As it turned out, I had used up all my luck...  Flew off to Taloyoak, spent the week there teaching and working on the last task task for the 1st year of my PhD!

Friday at lunchtime went to the airport with the detachment commander, we walked in and there was no-one at the Canadian North desk.  Taloyoak airport is two tiny check in desks, about ten chairs and perhaps 20feet by 20feet of floor.  Inquiring at the First Air desk produced the information that Canadian North's plane to Cambridge Bay was cancelled, they had transferred all the passengers to First Air and then gone home.  The friendly First Air lady checked me in.  I asked her, "Where am I going?"  "Yellowknife" she replied, handing me a boarding pass and taking my suitcase.

Ok then.  That was not the plan.  However, it worked out ok as one of my Cambridge Bay friends was also stranded in Yellowknife and she was at the house of another friend who used to live in CB.  There was wine and it was just like old times.  In the morning, (Saturday) back to the airport, with my friend and her new kitten-in-a-bag, at which point we flew round and over CB because the runway, when the plane approached, was unfit for landing.  Back to YK.  Cat was unhappy, and meowed her displeasure.

Yellowknife again.  Sigh.  Night in a hotel, nice dinner out, shopping at Wal-Mart, then Sunday we flew again and did land.  However, arriving at 2pm meant that I had 3 hours until I needed to be back on a plane to  Kugluktuk.  Just enough time to stuff all the dirty clothes in the washer and dryer, buy more food and repack everything, much to Mulder's disgust, then barrel out to the airport so the First Air lady could laugh at me (didn't you just come in???). Off to Kugluktuk.

Friday comes again.  I have finished teaching.  I am ready to go, packed and prepared.  Flight gets cancelled again.  For weather.  What weather?  I can see the islands out in the bay.  The consensus at the Kugluktuk office was that I was probably the only person wanting to fly from Kugluktuk to CB on a Friday (hey if you're going somewhere on a Friday it should be Yellowknife).  But this time after numerous phone calls it was determined that I was rebooked for CB for Saturday....  And I did get home.  But I was tired.

I have the preparation aspect of Northern travel down to a science.  All necessary food plus some extra just in case, comes with me, with the stipulation that it's microwaveable as kitchens may not be available, but all the detachments have a microwave.  Also my pillow and a blanket in case of inadequate bedding/heat (the water did run out in Taloyoak, and as the heating boilers need... Water... It was chilly one night.  I was glad of my extra blanket).  I take instant coffee and tea bags, sugar and candy, and books to read in case there's no tv/Internet as there sometimes isn't...

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