Friday, August 04, 2017

Well so it turns out that doing this research for the PhD is hugely addicting and time consuming.  Or maybe it's just that I'm obsessive.  Or both.

I have a huge database put together now, and I'm starting to run it through its paces which is fascinating and I can lose hours playing with the statistics program.  And trying to get my head around what the statistics mean exactly.  Not sure I'm there yet.  Sent the whole thing off to my supervisor for review, and in a couple of weeks I'm having a holiday, going to go stay at my cabin for a few weeks and pretend the world has ended.

Went to Taloyoak again this week, it's a beautiful place in the summer, and enjoyed wandering around in the hills behind in the evenings.  The course I was teaching was a bit longer than the time allotted so it tired me out but I'm home now.

Also in news, haven't smoked for almost five months and have stopped wanting to off myself.  Good news really.  So on we go...

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